Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vision 2012

I have just posted my Vision 2012 Powerpoint at http://www.vision2012plan.com .

Vision 2012 offers a clear roadmap for how we can create a global shift in the next three years (before the end of 2012), and takes only five to ten minutes to flip through. This presentation is my best synthesis of dozens of interlocking strategies that can put us on the trajectory to a sustainable, peaceful, healthy, and prosperous planetary civilization in the decades to come.

I have included many evolutionary projects in it, all of which I see as components of a larger shift in culture and consciousness. While millions of exciting transformational initiatives are underway, what I have aimed to do is create big-picture overarching vision into which many activities can fit.

The goal of Vision 2012 is to show what is possible if enough of us work together to turn the tide. It is quite bold but also practical and achievable, provided enough people and resources. I am not saying that this is what will happen but what can happen if we are audacious enough.

I welcome you to share this with others (via email, websites, Twitter, Facebook, etc). I am particularly interested in sharing this presentation live with leadership groups (it takes about 30 minutes as a talk) as well as finding collaborators and investors for the Shift Network, which I am now creating.

Feedback is welcome so I can evolve a version 2 of this down the road. I'm going to add a discussion forum on the site if people are motivated to discuss it. May we create amazing things together in the years ahead!

in spirit,

p.s If you'd like to share via Twitter or Facebook, you could say something like:

Take 5 minutes to view this inspiring vision for creating a global shift in the next three years: http://www.vision2012plan.com


At 1:34 AM, Blogger emmie said...

thanks for valuable post here....when i was student of online education i learn about many things but from this articles i have learn more about it...it put things in prospective manner.

At 4:31 PM, Blogger InspiredHeart said...

Thanks Stephen. Really appreciating what you are sharing here on your blog. I took a look at your 2012 presentation.

What you have put together is excellent. There are many aspects on which we have a shared vision, so perhaps I am a little biased about it! Seriously though, great work Stephen.

I am also happy to discover it is so easy to post presentations to the net.

A little short on time just now, so will take another look soon and email you my thoughts.

At 11:37 AM, Blogger zanzen said...

Stephan your utopian ideas have been tried before and always lead to totalitarian disasters. The only way to run a rational democratic society is through individual citizens following the simple directions in the bible. This allows for bottom up democracy instead of top down direction from egomaniacs who believe they have the answer for everyone.

At 6:44 PM, Blogger Belledessa said...

I would like to know where I can find a copy of the poem "Union" by Stephen. Thank you.


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