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The Shift List on Twitter

Eighty Inspiring Leaders, Authors, and Pioneers to Follow

After years of launching programs featuring pioneers in personal growth, spirituality, integral health, frontier science, and conscious business, I feel blessed to have engaged so many inspiring leaders, many of whom are now joining Twitter!

Here's my top rec list for key Shift leaders to follow (but be patient as some are new to the medium). A speedier way to add them all is to go to @Shiftlist and select your favorites individually or subscribe to the full list (new function on Twitter) via @ShiftList/ShiftList.

Feel free to send me additions as they arrive in the Twitterverse. Also, please follow me as well for inspiring ideas, articles, strategies, and resources that accelerate the Shift to a new culture: @stephendinan!

Inspirational Authors
@deepak_chopra – Always a pioneer, Deepak Chopra is active, wise, prolific, and creative on Twitter, which is perhaps no surprise as he's written more than 50 books.

@marwilliamson – NY Times bestselling author Marianne Williamson offers regular morsels of wisdom and insight that blend depth and a call to action.

@_nealedwalsch - Neale Donald Walsch authored the bestselling Conversations with God series and started the School for the New Spirituality.

@pwDan - Dan Millman is the author of Way of Peaceful Warrior, and a pioneer in mind-body transformation.

@drwaynewdyer - Wayne Dyer has long been one of the most beloved inspirational authors. He's prolific, wise, and technologically savvy.

@barbarahubbard – The pioneering grandmother of conscious evolution we all yearned for growing up! Barbara is JUST starting to twitter, so let's encourage her by following her and recommending her to others.

@iyanlavanzant - Bestselling author and founder of a network of spiritual and holistic practitioners.

@jeanhouston - Possessing one of the most spectacular and creative minds of our time, Jean is a founder of a mystery school and has trained many top leaders.

@_Brian_Johnson of Philosopher’s Notes is a fountain of optimism and ideas for self-actualization - makes philosophy fun with engaging summaries of great books.


@AlGore – Nobel Prize winner for his work on climate change, adding to an illustrious resume.

@KevinDanaher – Cofounder of the Green Festival, at the heart of sustainability movement, a deep thinking man.

@hunterlovins - President of Natural Capital Solutions, a straight-talking cowgirl who has been at the leading edge of green innovation and business.

@majoracarter - Fantastic and inspiring emerging leader of green movement + social justice, based in South Bronx but impacting the national conversation extensively.

@gfriend - Gil is a sustainability thought leader, author, consultant from Natural Logic

@adamwerbach - the former youngest president in Sierra Club history, a fountain of strategic green initiatives.

@thecitizen – Scott Badenoch has his finger on the pulse of innovative happenings in the green space, and has just launched a green Twitter aggregator.

@greenforAll – Ground zero for the Green Jobs movement, started by Van Jones (former White House advisor).

Social Change

@ellabakercenter – Started by Van Jones, a group that is leading the way in social justice work.

@jamesodea - The former President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, previously ran Amnesty's DC office. James i a powerful voice for social healing and spiritual activism

@dkorten - Big picture systems thinker looking at planetary systems shift, co-founder of YES! Magazine, author of Agenda for a New Economy.

Personal Growth

@j_canfield - America’s #1 success teacher, creator of the Chicken Soup empire, source of great inspiration.

@tonyrobbins - The ultimate personal empowerment guru has a truly massive base in the medium and is worth tracking.

@marci_shimoff - Author of NY Times bestselling Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul.

@_robin_sharma - Author of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, great tweeter with a steady stream of wisdom on leadership to share.

@Debbie_Ford #1 NY Times bestselling author, expert on shadow work, new book entitled Why Good People Do Bad Things.

@markvhansen - dubbed America's Ambassador of Possibility, an empowering author and leader of personal growth work.

@marciawieder - known as America's Dream Coach, an inspiring teacher who helps others go beyond their beliefs of what is possible. Personal coach of Jack Canfield.

@awakeningcoach – Arjuna has integrated the work of many pioneers through books such as Translucent Revolution.

@JudithOrloffMD - Psychiatrist and intuitive, author of Emotional Freedom.


@gayhendricks - A pioneer in relationship work, with his wife the co-founder of the Hendricks Institute. Also launched Spiritual Cinema.

@katiethendricks - Kathlyn is a pioneer in relationship work along with husband Gay Hendricks. Co-founder of the Hendricks Institute.

@arielleford – Queen of manifestation and networking, author of book on The Soulmate Secret.

Spiritual Teachers
@eckharttolle - Author of A New Earth, the #1 NY Times bestseller that sold six million copies.

@drmichaelbb - Founder of Agape International, a large congregation in LA, Michael Beckwith's an extraordinarily positive and visionary spiritual leader.

@babaramdass - One of the seminal figures of the sixties who has gone through many phases, some controversial, to become a wise elder of the entire human potential movement.

@ByronKatie - Author of Who Would You Be Without Your Story, a highly spiritual respected teacher.

Buddhist Pioneers
@OHHDLInfo - Even if it's not yet the Dalai Lama himself, the stream of wisdom from him makes for an enlightening Twitter experience.

@thichnhathanh - Words of wisdom from the Vietnamese monk who has inspired the world deeply with his messages and practices of peace.

@lamasuryadas - A Dzogchen teacher who has deeply integrated East and West.

@genporoshi - His Big Mind process is celebrated as one of the best ways to touch enlightened states.

@jhalifax - Joan is a Zen Buddhist roshi, social change activist, hospice pioneer.

@soreng - A fascinating Buddhist pioneer who has worked in youth prisons and now is focused on bringing dharma and technology together with Wisdom 2.0

/Western fusion
@ShivaRea – A truly inspired yoga teacher - awake, embodied and magical. Steeped in Indian teachings but then brings in dance, surfing, rockclimbing, and more.

@anusarafriend - John Friend is perhaps the most influential yoga teacher in the West, founder of the Anusara Yoga, which has grown very rapidly in recent years with its integrated approach.

@anodeajudith – Leader in taking work with chakras and applying the insights to collective evolution.

Women's Spirituality
@devaa – A pioneer of reclaiming authentic women’s spirituality offering daily inspirations.

Sacred Sexuality/Tantra
@lisaschrader – The first sacred sexuality/Tantra teacher to appear on Oprah - a warm, deep, and wonderful soul, not afraid to post juicy morsels to spice up your day.

Conscious Business
@chipconley – Voted most innovative CEO in Bay Area, author of Peak: How Great Organizations Get Their Mojo from Maslow, wonderful guy.

@marismith - Cool and conscious "piped piper of social media" (Wired), helping harness its power for human potential and green movements as well.

@mallikachopra – Founder of, Mallika has a great combo of depth and entrepreneurial savvy.

@paynter - Randy Paynter, the founder and President of, has built a profitable business around 10 million people who want to make a difference, an impressive feat.

@BrooksCole – CEO of Hologenesis, a true tech genius, always years ahead of the curve, building next generation platforms for top conscious companies.

@heartlandcircle - Patricia Neal twitters for this pioneering group (including husband Craig) in Minnesota that bridges conscious business, new paradigm thinking, and community.


@gavinnewsom – SF Mayor with, in my opinion, a truly evolutionary approach to politics.

@Thom_Hartmann - Air America host, prolific author, champion for transforming politics.

@josephmccormick – Key leader of new transpartisan movement bridging political divides.

@dennis_kucinich - One of the rare politicians to speak about our deeper spiritual evolution as a species. Bold, visionary stances on many things such as Dept. of Peace.


@kiva - My favorite innovative philanthropy, pairs lenders with developing-world entrepreneurs. Brilliantly designed and growing rapidly. Plus it's fun to create connections with people in countries like Tanzania, Mongolia or Bolivia.

@larrybrilliant – Former head of, at the leading edge of philanthropic innovation and deep thinking about systemic change.

@lynne_twist - Has raised 100's of millions for charitable causes such as Pachama Alliance, inspiring a new view of money with book/org Soul of Money. Not really tweeting yet but worth following for when she does!

@charityfocus - Brainchild of Nipun Mehta, focused on birthing a "gift economy." He's one of the most inspiring philanthropic innovators today.

Frontier Science

@deanradin – The most brilliant scientist investigating psychic abilities, who has a quirky sense of humor that will make him a top Tweeter some day. Senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

@instheartmath - Leading edge scientific institute focusing on heart-mind integration, mindful living, fields of consciousness.

@lynnemctaggart - While not a scientist herself, Lynne's been one of the most influential and lucid journalists chronicling how frontier science is transforming our worldview.

@peterjrussell - Peter Russell is not a pure scientist but his intellectual brilliance combines with a visionary mind and ability to illuminate the larger patterns of our evolution.

Integral Medicine

@marilynschlitz – President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and a pioneer in integral medicine, author of Living Deeply and Consciousness and Healing. Strong resemblance to lead character in The Lost Symbol.

@droz - Dr. Mehmet Oz was the celebrity doctor on Oprah, interesting to follow since he's influential for a large audience.


@nassimharamein – The next Einstein of physics. Seriously. Mind-blowing journey down the rabbit hole.

@oprah - Oprah has long been the bridge from the leading edge to the mainstream, as she showcases the work of people like Eckhart Tolle while remaining accessible and real.

@ariannahuff - The progressive political dynamo who drove the creation of Huffington Post.

@mrdannyglover - A Hollywood star who has been deeply committed to conscious causes, using his celebrity for good.

@visioneering1 – John Raatz is a PR wizard connected to the most conscious parts of Hollywood, rolled out What the Bleep. He's now launching the Global Alliance of Transformational Entertainment.

@levarburton - Famous actor, producer, and educator who has also been involved in transformational entertainment projects like the Science of Peace documentary

Comedy & Music

@stuartdavis – The Twisted Mystic is not for the easily offendable, but he mixes wisdom and outlandish humor in wildly creative ways (and he’s a great musician).

@ashong - A smart, savvy, hip musician and political activist from Ghana, Derrick Ashong leapt into visibility with a viral YouTube video during the Obama campaign. Key spokesperson in The Shift movie (in development).


@paulocoehlo – The truly transcendent Brazilian author of The Alchemist

@enextmag - EnlightenNext is my fav. magazine, integrating leading-edge spirituality, cultural commentary, evolutionary thinking, + featuring many Shift List leaders.

@odemagazine - Outstanding integrator of best of new culture and consciousness.

@elephantjournal - Waylon Lewis offers a great Twitter (and print magazine) resource for conscious living, ranging from eco to political to spiritual.

Inspiring Quotes
@siona – Network maven of with an endless library of beautiful, wise, and inspiring quotes


If you like the above leaders and are part of the larger Shift we are all working to make happen in our world, please follow me @stephendinan and also join the twibe I created for us:

A speedy way to add all the addresses above is to go to @Shiftlist.

And if you'd like to share this list on Twitter or elsewhere, just use this URL:


At 11:05 AM, Blogger Chelle said...

Excellent list! I follow many of those you suggest- I like to keep my tweet stream positive and focused on creating a better reality.

The more ppl to add to this frame of mind, the better! Thanks for the compilation and group!

At 7:35 AM, Anonymous chuck said...

thanks stephen i was surprised i'd missed so many of these

At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Xapa said...

Great list! Thanks for compiling and posting.

At 4:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

in your green list

At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please consider @CatherineAthans in your list of inspirational authors.

At 11:07 PM, Blogger Matthew Fry ❡☆ said...

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At 11:11 PM, Blogger Matthew Fry said...

What an AWESOME list of shift catalysts - thank you for putting this together Stephen! :D

I stumbled across a great website recently: "TweepML - a simple format to make it easy for people to share a list of Twitter users."

Now it's possible to follow all of the tweeps included in your list at the push of a button :)

I hope this helps the movement!

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous jason said...

great list! have an addition: @MindBodyGreen for Green, Conscious Business, Yoga/Western Fusion, Personal Growth and more!

At 2:59 PM, Blogger JWKeimer said...

Great list! I suggest you add the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, in Palo Alto. As you will find on its web site ( "ITP is a private, non-sectarian graduate school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Founded in 1975, today ITP is a leader in transpersonal research and education of clinicians, spiritual guides, wellness caregivers, and consultants who apply transpersonal principles and values in a variety of settings.

The Institute's stimulating and transformative educational paradigm, valuing the mind, body, spirit connection, attracts students from all over the world to both residential and distance-learning programs.

At 3:11 PM, Blogger JWKeimer said...

Great list! Suggest you add Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (, since 1975 a leader in transpersonal research and education of clinicians, spiritual guides, wellness caregivers, and consultants who apply transpersonal principles and values in a variety of settings.

At 6:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 1:26 PM, Blogger Yoga Matt said...

I love this list! These guys are all awesome.

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Yoga Matt said...

I love this list! These guys are awesome. The Yoga Blog


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