Saturday, June 18, 2005

Convening the Torchbearers

The world is precariously balanced between two possible futures. In one, we successfully transition to a conscious, sustainable, and just global community. In another, we undermine the very foundations of life, with each nation and community fighting for the lion’s share of resources.

The choice of which future will be ours – an historic transition to a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable era or a grimly competitive end game – does not rest on military might, breakthrough technology, or stock market success. It rests upon the emergence of a new kind of consciousness, one that is global in its embrace and revolutionary in its implications. This consciousness leads us to care enough for our earth and its residents to shift from war, divisiveness and excess consumption to a more conscious culture grounded in oneness.

For this new awareness, which I’ll call global consciousness, to fully emerge, a network of leaders, pathfinders, and healers is required. These torchbearers are already at work building a new way of life, putting global consciousness into practice through their thoughts, words, and deeds. They are activating shifts in fields from medicine to business to politics that will ultimately lead to the major changes our planet requires.

However, they simply aren’t powerful enough when working in isolation.

We need an assembly of these torchbearers – a wisdom council for the planet. And we need it now. We need such a gathering in order to activate a global network that can direct our collective will towards the evolutionary path. Such an assembly cannot simply recount the world’s problems or point fingers of blame. The symptoms of dis-ease are obvious to anyone who is paying attention. What we need is to illuminate the path to transformation on all levels – personal, social and global.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences has created the single best opportunity for such a convergence this summer, a gathering of visionaries, leaders, and solution-carriers from around the world for the Consciousness and Healing conference, July 7-10th. Four days of groundbreaking keynotes, workshops, dialogues, community, music, and celebration will make this a powerful experience. And most significantly, this conference will happen in Washington DC, the epicenter of world power.

I am writing to call all of those who consider themselves part of the next step for humanity to attend. You know who you are. You have a mission to help create a more conscious future. You might work as a therapist, teacher, or writer. You might practice medicine, work for social justice, or create innovative companies. At the deepest level of your being, at a level you can only call “soul,” you know that you are here to be part of a new Renaissance in our society, paving the way for major cultural shifts.

I invite you to assemble with your torchbearing allies from around the world for this conference in order to work together on advancing the shifts that are required. The presence of speakers like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Edgar Mitchell, Kenny Ausubel, and Lynne Twist will help draw together the hundreds and thousands of others like yourself whose names might be less renowned but whose commitment is just as deep to conscious change.

I believe that this gathering of wisdom leaders in Washington, DC, has the power to start to dissolve the entrenched, hardened worldview of an increasingly outmoded political elite, opening it to new possibilities. The conference thus offers a transfusion of healthy blood into the veins of American power, which has increasingly lost its connection to the noble ideals of the founding vision. It is time to rekindle the noble flame at the core of the American experiment so that a new kind of consciousness can penetrate the halls of power in Washington, DC. Those who work in the complex web of military and civilian hierarchies are important decision-makers for humanity’s future. We need them to feel something deeper than protest or pressure. We need them to feel the magical allure of what is possible if we expand our vision and join together to activate something new.

Given the pressing challenges in the world, we need a new renaissance, equal in power to the political renaissance that launched America. The old worldviews are simply not adequate to create the solutions we need. The call now is thus for a spiritual renaissance rather than merely a political one, a renaissance that is grounded in our unity rather than our difference, our shared hopes rather than our political loyalties, our highest ideals rather than our darkest fears. Now is the time for a renaissance that is based on a truly global consciousness, grounded in science and expressed in deep social change.

I invite you to join us in making this vision real by attending.

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